Zero Waste Parkdale


An ocean of plastic starts with a piece of litter. Our litter.

The City of Toronto has a goal to divert 70% of waste by 2026.

Our goal is zero waste. We want to design ways to make it easy for residents to create as little waste as possible.

We can get there with a Zero Waste Plan, a Creative Reuse Centre, 3Rs Ambassadors, zero waste businesses and products, a whole lot of creative ideas, and public support.

And we can start by making an effort to keep our streets, parks, and beaches clean of litter.

Waste Tips

Look at your trash bin. Chances are, it’s full of plastic.

BRING YOUR OWN BAGS AND CONTAINERS – make or buy you own bags, or wash and reuse plastic bags and baggies. Use your own containers at bulk food stores and save.

SHOP SMART – avoid disposable, single-use products (like plastic straws and cutlery) and non-recyclable containers.

PASS IT ON – don’t just throw old clothes and junk out. Share it.

Current Projects and Activities

Roncy Reduces - Bring your own container

A great campaign started right here in Roncesvalles and is spreading across the country. The BYOC campaign encourages local stores to display a sticker to tell their customers that they can bring their own containers and bags to cut down on plastic waste.

See the Roncy Reduces Facebook page or Twitter page for details.