Getting Around

We get around


We’re trail-blazers!

You might not know it, but Parkdale is at the cutting edge of the transition to low-carbon mobility.

Look around. We have e-bikes, mobility scooters and electric cars. We have all kinds of cyclists, from kids to com-muters. We have pedestrians with shopping bags, strollers, and dogs. We also have a growing number of residents who find they can save money and live comfortably without owning a car by using a combination of transit, car-sharing, rentals, and active transportation.

Our goal is a safe, clean, efficient and affordable mix of mobility options that serves the needs of our residents and local businesses.

Mobility Tips

DITCH THE CAR – save thousands a year by using all the car-sharing, transit, and active transportation options available to us.

GO ELECTRIC – beat the price of gas by switching to an electric vehicle, e-scooter or e-bike.

GET ACTIVE – not just physically active (which is a great way to get around) but in advocating for and designing safe cycling and batter transit.