Greening and Greenspace

Green is great! Even when it's white.


We meet and play in our parks.

Over 50,000 people share the parks and parkettes within our ward boundaries. They are the foundation of a healthy community. Fortunately, we have several “Park Friends” groups who are working to improve the quality of our greenspaces and the amenities they can provide to all residents.
Our streets and backyards are greenspaces as well, and the canopy of street trees is pleasure to behold as well as an essential part of our urban ecology.

Our goal is to ensure our greenspace and green streets remain vibrant and a source of pleasure to all residents.

What You Can Do

1. VOLUNTEER – help coach sports, build a hockey rink, create a community garden or help keep the parks tidy.

2. BECOME A PARK FRIEND – join a local Park Friends group.

3. THINK OUTSIDE THE PARK – start a project for other spaces that could use some greening (like alleyways).