Connect with us

At Green Parkdale, we make connections.

We connect climate action and green living with community needs and goals.

We connect local groups through a community network.

We connect people with solutions that meet their needs and improve their lives and our community.


We are a group of local residents including environmental professionals, community advocates, and volunteers.

We are also a community network of groups, businesses and agencies that have a green community as part of their mandate.

We are working on a community climate action plan to promote positive local solutions.


Parkdale + Roncesvalles are two vibrant neighbourhoods in the west end of Toronto - and the south eastern part of Ward 4.  We are an economically and culturally diverse community, and we love it.

We use our ward boundaries as the starting point for organizing, but in reality our boundaries reflect our residents' sense of the villages they live in. Our ward includes several neighbourhood villages (Parkdale, South Parkdale, Sunnyside, and Roncesvalles).

What makes each village great is the connections we have to local amenities, businesses, activities, and our community. Something worth celebrating, and supporting.

Cool Community

Green Parkdale is the pilot community for a whole new way of looking at climate change. We're building a community network and drafting a community climate action plan that will focus on solutions that make sense for our community and residents.

Extreme Weather

Being Climate Ready

When the power goes out, what can we do?

We're working to build community resilience. 

Climate Action

Local Solutions

Saving energy saves money and the planet.

The solutions we have are tailored to the needs of our community.

community action

Quality of Life

We live in a great village neighbourhood!

Our community groups are part of what makes living here so great.


Want to get involved?

We're building a community network of groups, agencies, associations, and businesses that see the connection between a green community and their work. We're also looking for volunteers who can help with community outreach.

Contact us to sign up for our newsletter, to ask a question, or get involved!