Complete Community

A Complete Community


We love our hoods.

Our ward is a collection of several vibrant communities. We plan to keep it that way.

Change is part of life. If we don’t adapt and reimagine our communities, they can become stagnant and run down. Our residents associations and other community groups are our eyes on the street, making sure that the ongoing development and redevelopment of our streets, buildings, homes and parks all support the overall health of our community.
Get involved in planning our future!
Our goal is a complete, vibrant community, with opportunities and support for all its residents.

Get involved

1. JOIN YOUR R.A. – your resident association is the first stop for talking about what’s happening and how we can plan for the future.

2. STAY INFORMED – get plugged in to Facebook community pages and the Councillor newsletter to know what’s happening.

3. BE ACTIVE – join a local group or a city-wide group that will be a voice for our community. Participate in public consul-tations for development plans and budgets.

4. MAKE OUR OWN PLANS – like plans for a recreation centre, a land trust, or building the local economy. Why wait for someone else to lead?