Good Food

We love good food!


We know good food. No doubt about it.

We have some of the best restaurants around, including Toronto’s best Tibetan restaurants, an emerging vegan hub, and great places for great food and great company. We also have community gardens, farmers markets, the West End Food Coop, community kitchens and food banks, and all kinds of community programs that connect people with good, healthy food.

Our goal is to maintain a strong connection between our community and our food.

Good Food Tips

GROW LOCAL – grow your own veggies in your backyard, on your balcony, or in a community garden. Plant fruit trees and shrubs.

EAT LOCAL – visit the farmer’s markets, look for local foods in local stores, and eat foods that are in season.

ENJOY GOOD FOOD – make food a passion, whether it is growing and cooking your own, making preserves, enjoying local restaurants, or choosing organic, vegetarian, or vegan cuisine.

Current Projects and Activities

Here's some of the projects and activities in our community....


Connecting people, culture and food

Greenest City has been building community through food since 1996. check out their Urban Agriculture program

Farmer's markets

Sorauren Farmers' Market - every Monday from 3- 7 pm

Community gardens

The  Milky Way community garden is Parkdale's first parcel of community owned land.  Quite an accomplishment!

D.I.Y. Build your own.

Get gardening tools and tools to build planter boxes etc from the Tool Library.

Food Banks and Meal Services

The Parkdale  Community Food Bank is housed at PARC at 1499 Queen Street West.

Food kitchens are available at the Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre (PARC), St Francis Table, and the Roncesvalles United Church