Get Involved

Let's Get Going!


50,000 people and 100 organizations.

We can do this!

We can green our community

we can help our neighbours

we can tackle climate change

It's all part of what makes Parkdale, Roncesvalles, and other neighbourhoods in our wards such a great place to live!


Get involved

1. VOLUNTEER – whether your passion is helping others or helping the environment, whether you have skills to offer or just a willing pair of hands, there are many opportunities to pitch in and help around the community.

2. DONATE – make community a priority for your charitable donations. Find a group in our network and make a contribution.

3. CREATE – come up with new project ideas, community campaigns, or ways to build on existing programs and services that will help meet our goals.

4. SUPPORT – help turn a community plan into reality! Government and foundation funding, and corporate sponsors are needed to support our community spirit!