Be climate ready


It’s 20 below (or 30 above and the power goes out. What do you do?

We all need to be ready for emergencies in our homes, but we also need to be ready to step up as a community.
We already have organizations across our community that are helping people in need on a daily basis. How can we plan for a more resilient community that can handle both the everyday challenges and the major weather events?

Our goal is to help our community plan for resiliency and help educate residents on how to prepare for extreme weather events and extended blackouts.

Blackout Tips

1. BE PREPARED – have an emergency kit or plan at home.

2. HAVE BACKUP POWER – invest in a backup generator or battery storage.

3. KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY –know where emergency shelters and services are in the community.

4. VOLUNTEER – volunteer with groups that can help in emergencies

5. ORGANIZE – help create a community readiness plan.