Let's Save Some Energy


Just about everyone has a beef about energy.
Our bills may be too high, our home too drafty in winter, or too hot in summer.

We can help. We can point you to the incentives for insulation and home renovations, free products and help for low-income families, and low-cost financing for homeowners on your property tax bill. As our community becomes more energy-conscious, we can even look at community energy projects and work together to reduce our energy bills even further.

Our goal is to help people save energy and money, and to make our community energy efficient and an energy producer.

Energy Tips

1.PLUG THE LEAKS – draft-proofing and window insulation kits can keep homes snug in winter.

2.INVEST IN SAVING – if you are doing a reno, make sure you insulate well and use energy efficient doors and windows

3.LOW INCOME SUPPORT –check our website for information on free kits and services.

4.GET AUDITED – if you are not sure where to start, an energy audit will give you good advice (and more incentives).

Current Projects and Activities

Cool Down Parkdale

We can help you save energy -- and save money!

Green Parkdale has teamed up with Transform TO to promote energy conservation incentives and support services that will help you save money and be more comfortable.